Word About Us

Eat 🍔 Prey ❤️ Frugalis .

Dear Readers , Welcome to Frugalis🧊Minds Blog .
Frugalis🧊Minds is a blog dedicated for all Frugalis developers ! Our goal is to try and make things easily understandable by other developers .
Our Agenda :- Learn and Share , Why to Wait when you can reach people and share what you have learnt .

Who are We ?

We are truely Pasionate developers . We are passionate about developing apps using Frugalis
Only Stuff we are good at it is Coding 💋

We 👏 Means and My Friend , We have been Working on Frugalis for last 3 Years . During this Journey We have learnt a lot and We came up with an idea to Start a blog to share Frugalis tutorials and Tricks .

How to Reach Us !!

Shoot us an email to frugalisminds@gmail.com Or Don't hesitate to get in touch via Twitter or Github or LinkedIn . You Can Follow us On Instagram as well.